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Major research field
Technology Introduction
New material dying and processing
- Dyeing and finishing of UMF(0.06D) microfiber
- Dyeing and finishing of new material (Conjugated yarn, PTT, Dyeable PP, etc)
- Dyeing and finishing of wet artificial leather
oil-based PU resin development - Development of wet form layer resin
- Development of dry resin for skin
- Development of wet impregnation resin for artificial leather
- Development of wet impregnation (dyeing) resin for artificial leather
water-based resin development - Development of dry resin for skin
- Development of wet impregnation resin for artificial leather
base and sub material development - Development of high performance base and sub material
- Development of functional base and sub material
new material and new technology research - Material for naval architecture, ocean engineering and automobile industry
- Processing technology for combined non-woven fabric
- Fiber material for IT application
- New material for highly advanced industry
.functional processing technology - Ultra water repellency processing, softening processing, antistatic processing, UV Protection processing
- Flame retardant(fire resistant) finishing, antibiotic and deodorant processing
- Water repellent/oil repellent/antifouling processing, hygroscopic/ stain repellent processing,
breathability/waterproof processing
- Light accumulation and color development processing, far infrared effect processing,
electromagnetic shield processing
- Color depth processing, heat accumulation processing (constant temperature processing), anion processing
Quality improvement technology - Research for optimal processing condition
- Research for fastness improvement (wet artificial leather, N/SPAN, PSPAN and N/P)
- Research for cause and improvement of warp line defect
- Research for decrease of additional dyeing revision rate
Process development - Water-based PU System (impregnation and coating)
- Development of system for high brightness of reflective material
- Definition of optimal processing condition for special material
Exploration of promising new business - Analysis of future advanced technology trend
- Exploration of promising new business items
Out-sourcing and cooperation research - New product development through adaptation of externally existing technology
- Cooperation research in regards to new materials