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Introduction of the R&D center
JEONGSANINTERNATIONAL' S leading technology takes
the initiatives in developing the material industry.
Our research center is fostering the core technology potential to meet the Global standards,
based on the latest testing equipment, superior manpower, innovative design and technology.
JEONGSAN INTERNATIONAL has been leading fiber industry of Korea through aggressive
new product development focused on distinctive fiber products for customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, JEONGSAN INTERNATIONAL is continuously increasing R&D base and core technology competency to lead the global era of 21st century. Our R&B center which was founded in 1995 has been focusing on a number of research activities to include development of technology which will put environment friendly materials such as silicon resin and PUD into product. The R&D center's effort further extends to strengthening industry-university cooperation through national projects.
Jeongsan International is making a great progress by developing the world's first eco-friendly process and ergonomic artificial leather. We also are developing recyclable and highly eco-friendly materials and applying them to automobiles and IT fields. By promoting the research on new materials specialized in transportation interiors and shipbuilding, we are trying to push back the frontiers of material industry. Our company's creative research will ensure the more bountiful and stable future life for the valued customers.