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Major research equipments
Major research equipments
  • Synthesis Pilot

    Independent resin development and synthesis

    Pre-production pilot synthesis (maximum of 50kg) of resin as well as reactor synthesis in the lab.
  • Mixing Roll

    Development of rubber base and sub material and product

    Polymer material turns into sheet material through repeated roll mixing. Also equipped with heating kneader.
  • Foamer

    Foam application

    This equipment mixes air into polymer liquid to adjust its density. We have both lab test and production equipments.
  • IR Heater

    The equipment has a very high drying performance since it triggers molecular motion inside the material and induces heat through long wavelength and no dapple is caused as there is no difference in heat absorption coming from different color. Also equipped with oven dryer, agitator, dryer and high density mixer.
  • IR dyeing machine

    Performance test for various dye/dosage

    Lab level color matching processing
  • CCM (Computer Color Matching)

    Computer color matching system

    Digitizes the level of color difference by various light sources.
  • Lab CCK (Computer Color Kitchen)

    Automatic dye/dosage equipment

    Automatically adjusts dye according to formula in lab level dyeing process
  • JFO dyeing machine

    Dyeing test of 1~2M Size

    Validity verification before the field work