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Industrial Resources& Materials
Industrial Resources& Materials
New environment-friendly materials with high technology

The product results from unique and intensified technologies which are high density non-woven fabric and elastomeric polyurethane technology reserved by JEONGSAN INTERNATIONAL.
It provides natural leather like feeling through a well combined characteristic of flexibility from ultra micro fiber and elasticity from polyurethane.
The product has a full freedom of color which is possible by new dyeing technology and various post-processing which adds such functionality.
And, It also has a very appropriate property for various purposes.
The product is further broadening its use into industrial material by combination with new material and technology

Protective cloths, Material for ship interior, Acoustic absorbent for automobile muffler, High cleanliness wiper for clean room, Safety shoes,Safety gloves
- use : Upholstery
- property : Soft touch and feeling by Dry + Wet type PU
- use : Upholstery
- property : Soft touch and feeling by Dry + Wet type PU. A variety of postprocesses are available
- use : Casket
- property : Excellent pile uprightness/Superior piloerection density/low stretch velvet
- use : Cell phone case
- property : Application of the advantage of the Silicone to cell phone case. Distinguished Anti-stain and super durable material
- use : Upholstery, Sports shoe
- property : Super durable, translucent and breathable material. Thermal plastic polyester elastomer yarn applied
- use : Apparel
- property : stretchable woven material which is soft touch and flexible