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Group Profile
• Founded : March 22nd, 1967
• Location : 11, 49 bon-gil, Noksansandan 382-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan
• Business type : Textile manufacturing(Synthetic fabric/synthetic leather/car seats)
• No. of employees : 800
• Revenue : KRW 260 billion
A producer of cutting-edge materials and fibers, TKG ECO MATERIAL became the new member of Taekwang in December of 2012. One of the leaders in the global textile industry over the last forty years, TKG ECO MATERIAL boasts advanced technologies in production of fibers, synthetic leather, and PU synthetic leather. Boldly taking on the challenge of producing household items, sports shoes, industrial materials, automobile interior materials and advanced new materials; TKG ECO MATERIAL is now a recognized name in the area. It is also pioneering future advances in the industry through research and development.
Taekwang Industrial Co., Ltd
• Founded : October 30th, 1971
• Location : An-dong, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do
• Business type : Shoe development/manufacturing/ molding etc.
• No. of employees : 600
• Revenue : USD850 million(Entire group)
Established in 1971 as Jeongil Industries, Taekwang Industrial has been the leading producer of shoes for over 40 years. Located in An-dong in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, Taekwang Industrial possesses the highest professional expertise in shoemaking, helping it become the leader in Korea's shoe industry and the Korean partner for world-class shoe company Nike. Taekwang Industrial announced moves to globalize the company in 1994, moving its production facilities to Vietnam, China and Indonesia. Taekwang Industrial also employs 600 professionals dedicated to research on new products and increasing product quality. Taekwang Industrial has also integrated itself fully into local communities and devoted itself to serving the local community, strengthening friendship with the host country as well as raising the image of Korea overseas.
• Founded : July 13th, 1994
• Location : Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
• Business type : Shoe manufacturing
• No. of employees : 28,000
•Revenue : USD420 million
TKG ECO MATERIAL VINA facilities were created in 1994, occupying 190,000 square meters in the Dongnai province near Ho Chi Minh City, followed by No. 2 plant in 2008 and the R&D center in 2009, enabling the company to engage in manufacturing and research simultaneously. TKG ECO MATERIAL VINA currently boasts a workforce of 28,000 and an annual production capacity of 21 million pairs of shoes. TKG ECO MATERIAL VINA is widely considered a model of successful localization, contributing to Vietnam economically as well as serving local communities through scholarships and charity activities and receiving official citation as an outstanding foreign firm not once but on two occasions.
Vietnam Moc Bai JS Co.
• Founded : September 18th, 2009
• Location : Moc Bai Special Economic Zone, Tay Nin province, Vietnam
• Business type : Shoe manufacturing
• No. of employees : 13,000
• Revenues : USD130 million
Situated in the Moc Bai Special Economic Zone in the Vietnamese province of Tay Nin, Vietnam Moc Bai currently employs 13,000 workers and generates USD130 million in revenues per year. The environment-friendly facilities save considerable amounts of energy and water and has received LEED(US) and LOTUS(Vietnam) green-building certification. Shoe production at the plant has been taking place under the 'LEAN' production management from the initial stages, which represents a revolution in global shoe manufacturing. The Moc Bai plant is Taekwang's third overseas plant and is playing a significant role in the advancement of the shoe industry.
Qingdao Taekwang Shoes Co., Ltd
• Founded : October 23rd, 1995
• Location : Liquanzhuangzhen in Laixi, Qingdao (Shandong Province, China).
• Business type : Shoe manufacturing
• No. of employees : 10,000
• Revenue : USD210 million
Qingdao Taekwang is situated in Liquanzhuangzhen in Laixi, a small city in Qingdao (Shandong, China). Established in 1995, the company facility occupies 200,000 square meters and employs approximately 10,000 workers, who produce the most difficult-to-manufacture, high-end items in the Nike product line. Recently included in the list of Top 100 foreign firms in China, the company is an active participant in the local community, operating the Qingdao High School and providing support for the Korean School of Qingdao. The company also provides funds for a number of scholarships and made a contribution to disaster relief following the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, earning praises from around the community.
PT. TK Industrial Indonesia
• Founded : November 9th, 2011
• Location : Subang, West Java, Indonesia
• Business type : Shoe manufacturing
• No. of employees : 12,000
• Revenue : USD160 million(at full operation)
This large-scale production facility located in Subang, in the province of West java in Indonesia, is Taekwang's fourth such facility. The Subang plant, which began operations in September of 2013, currently employs over 13,000 workers and produces 12 million pairs of shoes per annum, or about USD160 million in annual exports. The facility was constructed in accordance with an environment-friendly design that maximizes energy efficiency and has earned the LEED green construction certification.
Huchems Fine Chemical Corporation
• Founded : Septemner 15th, 2002
• Location : 19th floor, Namsan Square bldg, 173 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
• Business type : Manufacture of fine chemical product
• No. of employee : 240
• Revenue : KRW 780.0 billion
As a world leading chemical product manufacturer, we provide core materials of fine chemical such as Nitric acid, DNT, MNB and Ammonium Nitrate. The emblem 'HU-CHEMS' is the abbreviation of Human, Chemical, Science. It means Huchems is the corporation pursuing prosperity and happiness of all mankind. We have headquarters in Seoul and 14 production facilities in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do Industrial complex. Based on fine chemical, we Huchems is ready to make the leap to global leadership in the advanced fine chemical industry
Aerogel Korea Co., Ltd
• Founded : December 23rd, 2003
• Location : Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
• Business type : Fine chemicals(Aerogel insulation
• Revenue : KRW 10 billion
Aerogel Blankets are the most efficient insulation for extreme heat and cold. Developed by Aspen Aerogel, Aerogel Blankets represent the first successful commercialization of Aerogel. By investing in Aspen Aerogel, Aerogel Korea secured sales rights for Aerogel in the Asian market and became the exclusive supplier in Korea, supplying Aerogel to diverse areas.
Ylem Technologies Inc.
• Founded : December 30th, 2003
• Location : Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul(Main office) / Sandanjungang-ro, Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, Korea(Plant)
• Business type : Petrochemical manufacturing (Polybutylene-1)
• Revenue : KRW 17.5 billion
Ylem Technologies is one of the world's three largest producers of polybutylene-1 products, developing polybutylene-production technology previously monopolized by foreign firms, resulting in import substitution of about KRW 40 billion annually. Polybutylene-1 is an environment-friendly material that is both durable and without harmful effects on human health. It is used mainly in plumbing for heating and hot water supply in buildings. Research is also in progress that will enable the use of polybutylene in films and high-value replacement for metals.
Aikang Remetech Co., Ltd
• Founded : January 22nd, 1990
• Location : Eumbong-myon, Asan City, Chungchungnam-do(Head Office)
• Business Type : Manufacturing Plastic Pipe (PB, C-PVC), Resources Recovery and Reutilization
• Revenue : KRW 85.2 billion
Establised in 1990, Aikang Remetech is the leading PB piping material company in Korea. Since its establishment, the company is playing the leading role in the market by continuous developments of products and environment-friendly technologies in Drinking Water and heating piping. In July 2008, the company took over 'Remetech', a leading resources recovery and reutilization company in the fields of precious metals and nonferrous metals, that contributes to further growth of the company in the new business areas.
Taekwang Power Holdings Co., Ltd
• Founded : September 7th, 2008
• Location : Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
• Project location : Haihau district, Namdinh Province, Vietnam
• Project scale : 2,400MW (Phase 1 : 1,200MW, Phase 2 : 1,200MW)
• Project type : BOT(Taekwang Power Holdings operates facility for 25 years after construction, then transferred to Vietnam)
• Total investment : USD5 billion (Phase 1 : USD2.3 billion)
A company specializing in power generation projects overseas, Taekwang Power Holdings signed the Namdinh Power Generation Project Agreement with the government of Vietnam in March of 2010, thus setting in motion the BOT(Build-Operate-Transfer) project for a coal-fired thermal energy plant in Namdinh.
Korea Engineering & Power Services Co., Ltd (KEPS)
• Founded : February 10th, 2011
• Location : Alpha Tower 6th floor, Pangyoyeok-ro 180, Pundang-ku, Sungnam City, Kyoungki-do
• Business Type : Power Plant Operation and Maintenance(O&M) and Construction Management
• No. of Employees : 356
• Revenue : KRW 29.1 billion
KEPS has specialized in power plant O&M sector and became a member of Taekwang in June, 2014. Since its establishment in February 2011, the company has conducted successful O&M on numerous occasions including test runs of Yeosu Group Energy, Samcheonpo, Younghueng, Pundang, and Ansan facilities. Guided by the vision of becoming a "Global O&M Leader", KEPS expanded its operations into next generation energy projects such as wind power generation(in Youngheung and Youngam) and sunlight generation, earning renown for its innovative technologies in the field.
Jeongsan Country Club
• Opened : October 30th, 2005
• Location : 299-194, Seobu-ro 1637bon-gil, Juchon-myeon, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do
• Area : 1,563,744㎡(27 holes)
• Business type : Membership golf course
Located in Juchon-myon in Gimhae, S. Gyeongsang Province, the Jeongsan Country Club is an exclusive, 27- hole private golf course. Opened in 2005, it has a Scottish feel that blends strategic course arrangement and natural surroundings, and has received high praise from golfers everywhere. The European-style Club House combines refinement, exquisite scenery and first-class facilities. Selected as the one of the 'Best New Courses' in 2008-9, it is building on its short history to become one of the elite golf courses in the country.
• Established : December 24th, 2021
• Location : 173 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
• Industry : New technology business investment
• Employees : 6

New technology business investment

TKG Ventures is an investing firm specialized in new technology business investment, which has top employees and resource in the industry to form investment portfolio with high return. The firm tries hard to create great investment opportunity for every investor to be steadily distributed with high returns. TKG Ventures tries best to offer guidance and resource to new technology business entrepreneurs to optimize their business to expand. Furthermore, the firm helps investing companies to reach their full potential with resources and business experience that TKG group accumulated over 50 years.