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With the various product portfolio, dealing multiple materials, Jeongsan International is now standing at the center of the material enterprise, featuring the best quality within the fittest environment.
JEONGSAN INTERNATIONAL is equipped with textile knitting facilities for woven, tricot, double Rachel and various functional processing facilities and produces all kinds of non-woven fabric products to include interior of the automobile, home interior, footwear and other industrial materials.

Post-processing such as laminating, printing and punching is added after basic processing of non-woven fabric to produce various kinds of products. JEONGSAN INTERNATIONAL endeavors to diversify the process according to the functionality and characteristic of products and constantly strives to develop new technology.  All products are managed under a system currently used for automobile parts management from development to delivery in order to meet required specification and quality which will finally satisfy our customers
Man-made leather reproduces the structure and performance of natural leather. It surpasses the performance of natural leather in view of endurance, air permeability, color development and ease of cleaning. Man-made leather is currently used in wide variety of purposes such as footwear, gloves, furniture, clothing, automobile seat cover, bags, various cases, miscellaneous goods, industrial abrasive cloth and cleaners, etc
PU synthetic leather, with a motivation of environment friendly material development and combination, is being supplied to globally well-known companies including Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Asics to be used as sports shoes material. PU synthetic leather is also being applied as interior of the automobile material in various kinds of vehicle types to travel all around the world with international people.

JEONGSAN INTERNATIONAL is doing the best to develop products of high functionality and quality for other areas as well, so as to stay with our customers though application of innovative design.
Based on 40 years' high level sewing technology and know-how, accuracy from high technology facilities and efficient production system all together establish an optimal environment for the best production quality. With the best domestic competitiveness, its quality is widely recognized by GM JEONGSAN and Renault Samsung.